How I Survived my Midlife Crisis

Believe it or not, I’ve actually made it to 50 years of age without buying an expensive sports car or dating a woman half my age! What is my secret, you say? Well, my secret is that there really is no secret. The fact is that I still feel youthful, so I’ve therefore never felt like I had to relive my youth. I may be an older guy, but I certainly don’t feel that way at all.

I think one of the big reasons that so many guys around my age go off and do all of these crazy things is because they can’t stand the fact that they are no longer a kid anymore. When I realized that age is really just a number, I stopped feeling the urge to make some dramatic and unnecessary change in my life.

Besides a more positive shift in thinking, I started become more active. I joined a gym and actually started going on a regular basis. This was definitely the first and one of the most important parts in my survival of the dreaded midlife crisis. The more physically active I became, the younger I started to feel. It is truly amazing what regular cardio and a little bit of weight lifting can do for you when you start feeling old.

The second thing I started doing when I felt my midlife crisis creeping up on me was getting back onto the dating scene. I have one divorce under my belt, and it had been a while since I even went on a single date with anyone.

Within just a couple of days of signing up on an online dating site I had my first date. It went great. I had honestly forgotten what it was like to feel that rush of excitement when you meet someone special, and I could feel the clock turning back to my twenties.

I also made a point of spending more time going out with my friends, whom I had been neglecting due to overly extended period of self-mourning over turning middle aged. The more I went out and had fun with my friends, the less I worried about my age and everything I thought that being 50 meant.

I guess what ultimately helped me survive my midlife crisis was just taking better care of myself. I started thinking and acting differently, and it made a hugely positive impact on my life that I expect will last for many more years.